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Each of us at some stage in our life will face difficult events or experience painful emotions which can interfere with our daily lives.

Counselling provides an opportunity to share and clarify your thoughts and feelings in private and confidence. Counsellors are trained in how to listen and are there to enable your personal growth.

Talking to a counsellor can help you to reach your own decisions and find effective ways of managing your life and relationships. Doing counselling can also lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself.


Counselling in your area

There are lots of services and organisations that offer counselling.

Some services that offer counselling depend on where you live and some are organised around specific issues or topics. To find a counsellor in your area click on the locality you live in and see what is available.


What's next

We are not stopping here!

L/Bi support agencies and counselling organisations from across the North East have come together to look at L/Bi women's counselling needs.

At Northern Pride 2011 in Newcastle we asked Lesbian and Bisexual women about their experiences of counselling - lots of women did not know which organisations they could approach for counselling and whether or not they would get a good service.


We hope the LesbiSexy counselling directory will change this, as it provides a list of counselling organisations in the different areas of the North East. The directory explains what types of services are being offered and most importantly, how you can access counselling.


We want to make sure that we recommend counselling that is high quality, and meets your needs. This means that we have included organisations and counsellors in the directory who show that they understand Lesbian and Bisexual women’s needs and experiences.


Some areas don’t have a lot of different counselling organisations to choose from at the moment but we are working on this. We are continuing to develop and add to the directory as we talk to and train more organisations.


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