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_0005_Layer 2Bisexuality is when you are attracted to both men and women. Bisexuality can mean slightly different things for different people. For example, some women who are bisexual may only ever see themselves in relationships with women but might enjoy dating men too. For others, they might say that they are 50/50 and have no leading preference. Some bisexual people say they don’t really see gender and that they fall in love with the person.


Biphobia is the dislike of bisexual people. It is a misguided prejudice that bisexuality isn’t a ‘real sexuality’ or that bisexual people are ‘greedy’ or ‘confused’. Bisexual people face prejudice in the gay community as well as the straight community. Like any prejudice, biphobia comes from a lack of understanding. So lets clear a few things up:
Just because someone is bisexual, it doesn’t mean they fancy everyone. Bisexual people can be as picky as anyone else
Bisexual people aren’t confused. This reputation has probably arisen from gay/lesbian people coming out as bisexual before coming out as ‘fully’ gay/lesbian
Bisexual people don’t want to cheat on their partners with someone of a different gender to their partner
Women who kiss women for the gratification of men are not (necessarily) bisexual

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