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Here are some ways to alleviate some of the issues we face as we get older:
  • Keep fit - any exercise is good exercise and will help you enjoy life and sex more
  • Cigarettes and alcohol - limit your use as they can affect your sex drive as well as your health
  • Lubrication - keep a bottle of water-based lube in the bedroom
  • Try new positions - this can help alleviate physical issues as well as spice things up
  • If you are older and single - be confident about your experience and expertise
  • Oestrogen rich diet - alleviate hormonal changes by eating a diet enriched with oestrogen e.g. raspberries, celery, seeds and grains like oats, sunflower seeds, linseeds, grapes, legumes like peas, chickpeas, lentils and soya
  • If you feel you may be experiencing menopause seek medical advice as there is hormone replacement therapy and supplements available




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